Sustainability Reporting Award 2014

The National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR) is organizing the 10th Sustainability Reporting Award (SRA) 2014. The award is themed “Towards A Greater Transparency and Accountability”. Sustainability Reporting is reporting on the economic, environmental and social policies, impacts and performance of an organization and its products in the context of sustainable development.

July 1, 2014 : Registration is opened
October 31, 2014 : Registration is closed
December 10, 2014 : Award Presentation in Mulia Hotel Jakarta

SRA 2014 can be entered by any organization that have published Sustainability Reports 2013, and/ or have reported Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities in the Annual Report 2013.

Registration Requirements
1. Fill in the online registration form through
2. Email to the secretariat the digital format of Sustainability Report. and/or 2013 Annual Report.
3. Pay the registration fee of Rp 15.000.000,- (Fifteen Million Rupiah) by transfer to: Pusat Nasional Laporan Keberlanjutan, Bank BCA KCP Menteng No. 7350301083.
4. The evaluation will be processed when payments are settled and the secretariat has received the transfer slip.

Address of the SRA 2014
National Center for Sustainability
Aptartement Gardenia Boulevard 3rd
floor, Suite 3 AA
Jl. Warung Jati No. 12 Pejaten
Jakarta Selatan 12540
Tel : (62 21) 29048763
Fax : (62 21) 29048764
Email :
Website :
CP : Ms Devi Samalanga
Award Classification
1. Best Sustainability Report 2013.
2. Best Sustainability Performance Disclosure in the Annual Report 2013.
3. Best Sustainability Communication in the website (Per November2014).
4. Commendation for First Time Sustainability Report & G4 Report (all first time reporters).

1. Trophy (All the winners).
2. Certificate (All participants).
3. Score Card and Feedback from Jury (All participants).
4. 1 free seat at Gala Diner (All participants).
5. 1 participant eligible to attend NCSR’s workshop with free of charge (All the winners).
6. Uploading all of participant’s sustainability report in NCSR website.
7. All participants reports will also be uploaded in the GRI Database Website.
Participants of this event are not eligible to become sponsors nor do we accept donations from participants, all of expenditures of this event including gala dinner is funded from participant’s registration fee and will be reported at the event.