Sustainability Report 2010-In the right direction

Astra constantly pushes to attain excellence. Positive achievements are balanced by embracing and aligning ourselves to the expectations of stakeholders. Thus unified, Astra moves with harmonious yet dynamic steps in line with its responsibilities to each stakeholder. With a dream to secure sustainable growth for the Company and its stakeholders, Astra remains committed to lend a helping hand to have everyone go in the right direction.

In conducting its business, Astra is committed to the principles of the triple bottom line, which focuses on the balance of financial (profit), social (people) and environmental (planet) performance. As a large corporate group that continues to grow, Astra has many stakeholders who offer their respective contributions to the Company’s growth. These stakeholders include shareholders, employees and their families, customers, suppliers, the government, the surrounding community and the environment. For Astra, all stakeholders are critically important. For this purpose, Astra constantly pays attention to its stakeholders in an effort to fulfill everyone’s aspirations. This sustainability report provides an illustration of the relationship and interaction between Astra and its stakeholders. (2.8, 3.6, 4.14)

This Sustainability Report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and is published once a year. The same report which was prepared last year was awarded The most consistent and commitment in the Indonesia Sustainability Report Award 2010. This report is also a testimony to Astra’s commitment to consistently provide information to all stakeholders regarding the company’s well-defined purpose to pursue business growth and sustain growth in a responsible manner, which pays due regard to environmental and social aspects. (2.8, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.10)


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