Sustainability in Harmony

Petrosea’s two main stakeholders are the environment and the community that lives in the area in which we operate. Sustainability in harmony is our concept in terms of preserving the nature and involving the community, which lives in our operation areas. For Petrosea, this is a challenge yet also an opportunity to take part in environmental preservation and community independence.

Sustainability as part of Petrosea’s strategy is conducting environmentally-friendly business practices and growing along with the local community. This strategy has become our guideline by also being aware of external conditions such as climate change, political climate, macro and micro economic, social factors, and technology both on national and international levels. As a mining contractor company, waste and air pollutions are some of the major environmental impacts that may arise. Emission tests and waste management programs are some of our main priorities related to climate change, which became a key issue during 2009. It is our hope to see the local community develop, especially when one day we close our operational area and leave the local community, who has become our closest stakeholder. Petrosea believes that with its commitment, strategies, and efforts, the Company will be able to grow harmoniously with the environment and the local community.


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