Enhancing quality, achieving Glory

The year 2010 marked the inaugural year for which we combined two reports that had been previously published as separate entities, i.e. the Annual Report and the Sustainability Report, into a single integrated report.

This integrated reporting reflects our belief as well as our firm commitment that in running our business, our economic, social and environmental performance and the creation of values in all those aspects, represent a fundamental part that is inseparable from the Company, just as our performance in financial and operational aspects does. In addition, we feel convinced that by presenting an integrated annual report, the Shareholders and other stakeholders of the Company can obtain a clearer and more comprehensive picture as regards to the Company’s overall performance in 2010.

Parts of the 2010 Annual Report that contain passages related to the operational and financial performance of the Company have been prepared by adhering closely to the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity. In Our corporate culture in 2010 was grounded on the spirit of togetherness and creativity that propelled the employees’ awareness about and involvement in the growth of the Company, the environment and the public. The results were extraordinary. Amidst a number of issues, we managed to improve our business efficiency and efficacy, and therefore recorded significant growths in both financial and non-financial performance indicators. Now, in order to seize glory, PT Timah (Persero) Tbk is fully geared to face the future challenges that lie ahead, by delivering one excellent performance upon another to all its stakeholders. ensuring the completeness of its report, the Company has followed the guidelines stipulated in the Appendix of the Bapepam-LK Regulation No. X.K.6 on the Responsibility of Annual Reporting for Publicly Listed Entities.


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