The Journey Continues

Continuing its sustainable perfomance, amidst challenges resulted from uncertain condition, the Company has consistently achieved a positive growth. In 2009, through its three business units, the Company recorded net revenue growth of 5% totaling to Rp29.24 trillion, accompanied by operating income increase of 24% totalling to Rp5.17 trillion, and net profit growth of 43% to Rp3.82 trillion. Continue reading

Adding Vitality to Life in a Sustainable Way

Ten years after the unprecedented economic and political crisis of 1998, which led to a complete change of its political format and Indonesia has changed dramatically. Our nation is now more sensitive to global economic, social
and environmental concerns and the Indonesian people now have better access to information and technology. Continue reading

Growing Sustainably With Indonesia

The Telkomsel 2009 Sustainability Report development and publication is one example of our effort to show our commitment and responsibility to our stakeholders. We also want to add that this is our first sustainability report. Within this report, we are proud to present and discuss various programs, policies, as well as the company’s focus on the environment, which we began in 2009 to support our business growth and stakeholders’ interests. Continue reading

Holding the World with You

TELKOM issues a sustainability report every year. This is the fourth TELKOM Sustainability Report, and like all the preceding reports since they were first published in 2006, it offers a broad illustration of the Company’s efforts towards ensuring the sustainability of its business and meeting its responsibilities to all stakeholders. (3.2, 3.3). Continue reading

Renewable Energy for a Better Life

As part of the energy industry who exploit alternative energy resources, we, Star Energy Geothermal (Wayang Windu) Limited or SEGWWL, are focussed to implement sustainable development principles. We embody these principles by implementing environmentally oriented business, operations, and production, and in accordance with sustainable principles. Continue reading